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標題: 功率電晶體的增益壓縮機制、功率飽和機制以及線性度
Gain Compression Mechanisms、Power Saturation Mechanisms and Linearity in Power MESFETs
作者: 陳建維
Chen, Chien-Wei
關鍵字: Power MESFETs;功率電晶體;Gain Compression;Power Saturation;Linearity;增益壓縮;功率飽和;線性度
出版社: 電機工程學系

The rapid growth of wireless communication has opened up the request for high power and good linearity power amplifier. However, the output power and linearity is limited by some mechanisms, such as breakdown voltage, knee voltage, the maximum drain current and pinch-off voltage. These mechanisms compress constant gain and then saturate output power as input power increases.
In this thesis, we analyze and identify gain compression mechanisms by observing the gate current and drain current. The gain compression mechanisms for FETs with different doping and recess structures at various bias points are analyzed. Linearity is seriously degraded when devices suffer gain compression mechanisms. Any distortion in output waveform decreases linearity drastically. In our analysis: Class A operation avoids the gain compression mechanisms and has good linearity. FET devices with low doping density can have good linearity. Narrow recess FETs have high Imax which results in high output power and good linearity.
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