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標題: 無桿氣壓缸之非線性動態分析與伺服控制
Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis and Servo Control for a Rodless Pneumatic System
作者: 郭春彥
Kuo, Chun-Yen
關鍵字: Couloam friction;庫侖摩擦力;Variable structure control;Sliding mode;model-reference adaptive control;可變結構控制;滑動模式;參考模型適應控制
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis aims to develop a mathematical model for a rodless pneumatic servo system and a variable structure controller for compen-sating system uncertainties and Coulomb friction of the piston in the cylinder. Coulomb friction remains one of the major difficulties arising in control design for mechanical systems. It causes a natural sliding mode regime in the vicinity of zero speed which leads to a steady state positioning error. Control of a translational pneumatic servo system is a typical example of such a problem. Furthermore, Coulomb friction of the piston in the cylinder is not a constant, it makes servo control for a pneumatic system more challenge.
A two-layer sliding manifold is proposed in this thesis. The first layer is used to eliminate Coulomb friction. The second layer is used to overcome uncertainties and forces the state to approach and remain on the first layer. The advantages of this method are demonstrated by simulation and experimental results. The comparison of variable structure control against classic PID control and auto-tuning P controller is also presented.
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