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標題: 週期性結構之散射及傳輸特性分析
Analysis on Scattering and Transmission Properties of Periodical Structures
作者: 陳智遠
Chen, Zih-Yuan
關鍵字: periodical structure;週期性結構;scattering;transmission;Method of Moments;Integral Equation;Reflection Matrix;散射;傳輸;矩量法;積分方程;反射係數矩陣
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文主要在探討週期性結構的散射與傳輸特性,共分成五章。 第一章分析TE模式入射平面波在開槽上端具有金屬片結構的透射特
第三及第四章分別研究TE與TM模式入射平面波對置於一多層介質內且具有週期性狹縫或導體的結構之散射特性。計算的結果包括激發Floquet模態強度、反射及穿透場的分布,並研究週期、開槽寬度、 導體截面、多層介質之介電係數等參數的影響。分析的結果有助於瞭解室內無線通訊的傳播特性。

The goal of this thesis is to investigate the scattering and transmission
properties of periodical structures.
This thesis consists of five chapters.
In the first chapter, we analyze the TE mode scattering properties of metal
strips attached to an aperture of finite extent.
The effects of strip number, strip width, strip location, aperture size,
and plate thickness are studied.
The strip scattering can be utilized to improve the signal reception
behind the plate where the incident wave is blocked.
In the second chapter, we analyze the TM mode scattering by conductors of
three different shapes.
Various geometrical parameters are studied for their effects on the
scattering field distributions, including aperture extent,
slot width, plate thickness, conductor shape, and slot number.
Such structure may find applications to improve the signal reception
behind the plate where the incident wave is blocked.
In the third and the fourth chapters, we study the scattering
properties of one-dimensional periodical slots and conductor rods embedded
in a stratified medium for the TE and the TM mode, respectively.
The magnitude of all the excited Floquet modes, the reflected and
the transmitted fields at various observation distances are obtained to
analyze the effects of the period, rod cross section,
slot width, and the dielectric constant of the stratified medium.
The results resemble the characteristics of multipath fading observed in
an indoor wireless communication system.
In the fifth chapter, the dispersion properties of microstrip lines
in the presence of periodically corrugated ground plane is analyzed.
The effects of various geometrical and electrical parameters on the
stopband / passband characteristics are studied.
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