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標題: 支援乳房攝影監測作業的電子資料收集系統
An Electronic Data Collection System to Support Mammography Audit
作者: 劉耀東
Liu, Yao-Tung
關鍵字: mammography;乳房攝影;BI-RADS;electronic data collection system;service agent;data audit;乳房影像報告和資料系統;電子資料收集系統;服務代理;資料監測
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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由於國內乳房攝影品質工作正處於萌芽發展的階段,雖然國內已經有半自動化的乳房攝影資料監測系統,但由於尚需人工介入在不同軟體間進行操作及無法將醫院內部醫院資訊系統(HIS)和影像儲存及通訊系統(PACS)進行整合,再加上乳房攝影品質工作必須額外耗費大量的人力和時間成本的因素,預期國內乳房攝影品質工作的推展將會面臨到很大的阻礙和挑戰。本研究提出一套依據乳房影像報告和資料系統(BI-RADS)標準來開發支援乳房攝影監測工作的電子資料收集系統,我們以臺中榮民總醫院為例,提出創新的服務代理(Service Agent)觀念來結合臺中榮民總醫院HIS系統及PACS系統,並以功能模組來實現BI-RADS所規範的資料監測數值,以建構出國內第一套依據BI-RADS標準且符合醫學中心需求的乳房攝影電子資料收集系統,並可在本研究未來推廣時,透過服務代理(Service Agent)的概念,可將不同醫院的HIS系統及PACS系統陸續整合進HIS服務代理及PACS服務代理之中,使系統可以緊密地貼合各醫院的實務需求,讓系統推廣的接受度大大地提昇,進而促進國內在乳房攝影品質工作的提昇和發展

It is still in the beginning stage to assure the quality of mammography in our country. Although some semi-automatic mammography data audit systems already exist, the audit system is still hard to use. The improvement for mammography quality control is still facing many challenges. The audit and reporting systems should be able to operate under different operating environment and it also need to integrate hospital information system (HIS), picture archiving and communication system (PACS). Great amount of man working power is needed for mammography audit. Therefore to reduce the waste of human resource we follow the breast imaging reporting and data system (BI-RADS) standard, and to develop a software for audit and reporting system to support mammography audit. A service agent module is used to integrate HIS and PACS from different hospital Using this software can greatly improve the quality for the mammography screening from our current systems.
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