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標題: 高速低電壓差動訊號之傳接器及正比於絕對溫度的參考電壓電路設計
Design of a High Speed LVDS Tranceiver and a PTAT Voltage Reference Circuit
作者: 黃朝彬
Huang, Chao-Bin
關鍵字: LVDS;低電壓差動訊號;High Speed Interface;Voltage Reference;PTAT;高速介面;參考電壓;正比於絕對溫度
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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此論文主要研究方向為利用低電壓差動訊號的技術,設計出操作速度可達2Gb/s的傳輸器和接收器。低電壓差動訊號傳接器模擬是使用台積電 TSMC 0.35um 2P4M CMOS 製程。模擬結果顯示傳輸器和接收器操作速度都可達2Gb/s。傳輸器的功率消耗為26.38mW,接收器的功率消耗為16.7mW,佈局面積為455um*455um。

In recent years, the advancement of fabrication and the operation speed of processor becomes faster and faster,and could deal with huger data in unit time. Therefore, it needs a high speed I/O interface for the data transmission between computer peripherals and a variety of application of IC products,Impel I/O interface plays an important role. Low voltage differential signal (LVDS) I/O standard used for data transmission can fulfill the requirements of high speed and low power.

The research of this thesis mainly utilizes low voltage differential signal technology to design 2Gb/s transmitter and receiver. The LVDS circuits are simulations by using TSMC 0.35μm 2P4M CMOS process. Simulate results transmitter and receiver, The chip can operate functionally at 2Gb/s,Transmitter power consumption is 26.38mW,Receiver power consumption is 16.7mW,The chip area is 455μm*455μm.

Otherwise,We provide a PTAT voltage reference circuit,The circuit is composed of MOSFET,Some of MOSFET workd in Subthreshold Region,Because the characteristics,The supply voltage can be lower,To suit in standard CMOS pocess.
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