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標題: P2P網路通訊及加密協定分析
The Analysis of Peer-to-Peer Protocol and Protocol Encryption
作者: 董祥群
Dong, Shun-Chin
關鍵字: Peer-to-Peer Network;點對點網路;Packet Classification;Packet Encryption;封包特徵;封包加密
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本篇論文乃根據這樣的趨勢,先分析P2P網路封包的特徵,再針對現行的封包加密進行討論。在封包特徵方面,我們分析了TCP/UDP封包量與比例、特殊大小封包量與比例、通訊埠改變的特性、以及封包內容的特徵。在封包加密方面,我們分析了eMule所使用的模糊協定(Protocol Obfuscation, PO)以及Azureus所使用的資料流加密協定(Message Stream Encryption, MSE)。最後,我們也進行了實驗觀察對前述的分析進行驗證。

Since Napster appeared in 1999 and followed by new peer-to-peer (P2P) protocols such as ed2k and BitTorrent, the architecture of P2P networks changed from client-server architecture to distributed architecture. Nowadays, P2P network applications were very popular and their packets were one of the major flows on Internet. In order to prevent these large number of P2P packets interfering with other network packets, some of the network equipment manufacturers and Internet service providers began to limit or block P2P packets according to their characteristics. As a countermeasure, P2P software developers added packet encryption into the protocols and made P2P packets difficult to classify.

Based on this trend, this thesis first analyzed the characteristics of P2P packets and then gave a thorough discussion on P2P packet encryption. In packet classification, we analyzed the amount and ratio of TCP/UDP packets, the amount and ratio of large packets, the ports used, and the patterns of the packet payload. In packet encryption, we discussed Protocol Obfuscation (PO) for eMule and Message Stream Encryption (MSE) for Azureus. Finally, we did experiments to verify our analysis.
其他識別: U0005-3107200814233100
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