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標題: 以電阻校正方法消除偏差電壓之六位元每秒四十億次取樣快閃式類比數位轉換器設計
A 4-GS/s 6-bits Flash ADC with Resistor-Regulator For Offset Cancellation
作者: 張軒瑜
Chang, Hsuan-Yu
關鍵字: 類比數位轉換器;ADC;快閃式;flash
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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由於製程技術的進步,CMOS 積體電路的操作頻率也隨著增加。因此在類比與數位之間的介面也需要操作在極高的速度。高速類比數位轉換器被廣泛的應用在磁碟讀取通道、高速量測系統和超寬頻接收器的通訊系統中。
在此論文中,實現了一個取樣速率為每秒四十億次,六位元之快閃式類比數位轉換器。發生於類比數位轉換器前端之偏差電壓常導致輸出端的非線性誤差。因此我們應用了可修正偏差電壓的方法來改善此類比數位轉換器之效能。為了降低快閃式類比轉換器的輸入電容和偏差修正電路的數量,我們應用了主動式內插技術。模擬結果顯示此類比數位轉換器之信號-雜訊失真比(SNDR)在取樣速率4 GS/s,輸入訊號為76MHz時可達36.6dB,在輸入訊號為1GHz時可達到32dB。功率消耗在取樣頻率4 GS/s和1.2伏特電源供應時為308毫瓦。此晶片的面積為1.21- ,由TSMC 0.13-um 1P8M CMOS製程所製造。

Since the operating frequency of integrated circuits has been increasing due to the advance process technologies, thus the interfaces between the analog and the digital parts require to operate at ultra high speed. High-speed A/D converter are widely used for the applications in disk drive read channels, high-speed measurement systems, and communication systems such as UWB receivers.
In this thesis, a 4-GS/s 6-bits flash A/D converter is implemented. Because offset voltage in front-end of ADC usually results in nonlinearity in the outputs, an offset calibrating method is applied to improve the performance of the ADC. To reduce the input capacitance of the flash ADC and the amount of the calibration circuit, the active interpolation technique is adopted in this work. Simulation results show the ADC achieves a SNDR of 36.6 dB for a 76 MHz input at 4 GS/s, and 32 dB for a 1-GHz input. The power consumption is 308 mW at 4 GS/s from a 1.2-V supply. The chip occupies 1.21- active area, fabricated in TSMC 0.13-um 1P8M CMOS.
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