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標題: 使用直方圖分析且以內容為基礎降低顯示器背光功率及影像對比增強之研究
Content-Based LED Backlight Power Reduction with Image Contrast Enhancement Using Histogram Analysis
作者: 陳鵬宇
Chen, Peng-Yu
關鍵字: Backlight Dimming;背光控制;Power Saving;Image Enhancement.;影像增強;省電
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本研究利用高整合性的FPGA系統結合New Backlight Dimming Algorithm 及New Image Enhancement Algorithm 二模組,實現可攜式電子裝置 TFT LCD 背光控制系統。其主要透過對影像分析,取得影像中間值及平均值來做為選擇背光電流的依據,以達到影像越亮則選擇背光電流越大,影像越暗則選擇背光電流越小的概念。當電流調降後並適當對影像做出補償,讓使用者感覺不出系統有任何變化,以達到電池最大操作週期,並由實驗結果得知,我們所提出演算法省電的比率可勝過前人所提出的方法。

The present research combines the highly-integrated FPGA system with two modules for the New Backlight Dimming Algorithm and New Image Enhancement Algorithm to realize the TFT LCD backlight control system of portable electronic devices. Therefore image analysis is performed to obtain the median value and mean value of the image, and thus determine the basis for amount of current for driving the backlight. The brighter the image is displayed the higher the selected backlight current is; and the darker the image is displayed the lower the selected backlight current is. After the amount of current is adjusted, the appropriate compensation is introduced to the image that will be indiscernible from the user's standpoint and achieve the maximum battery operation cycle. From the experimental results, the power saving rate from our proposed algorithm is superior to the previous methods.
其他識別: U0005-1108200902051800
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