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標題: 1920年代臺中士紳蔡蓮舫的家庭生活
Family Life of Taichung Gentry Tsai Lien-Fang in 1920s
關鍵字: 蔡蓮舫;蔡源順;廖貴;蔡伯湘;蔡伯汾;Tsai Lien-Fang;Tsai;Yuen-Shun;Liao Kui;Tsia Bo-Xiang;Tsai Bo-Fen
Project: 臺灣史研究, Volume 20, Issue 4, Page(s) 51-98.

Tsai Lien-Fang, the descendent of Tsai, Yuen-Shun’s family, was appointed as the mayor of Taichung District, delegate of Taichung City and of Taichung Prefecture. He is a prominent gentleman in the central part of Taiwan during the Japanese Ruling Era, and was also connected to and respected by the Government-General of Taiwan. Just like other prominent families in Taiwan, Tsai Lien-Fang’s family faced challenges such as having adopted children and a concubine. Tsai Bo-Xiang and Tsai Bo-Fen, who were both adopted, felt uneasy after the birth of Tsai Lien-Fang’s children, worrying that it would affect the position of the eldest son. As a result, a family property dispute broke out. Liao Kui, the concubine of Tsai Lien-Fang, who gave birth to three sons and had a background on Chinese studies, was good at resolving disputes so she was highly respected and was a dominant figure in the family. Therefore, Tsai’s family is an epitome of greatness in Taiwan. However, a concubine having a high status was rare at that time, so Tsai’s family was in some degree, special. This paper is mainly based on Huang Wang-Cheng’s Journal and the Tsai’s Lien-Fang’s family documents collected in the Archive Office of Taiwan’s History Research Institute, Central Research Center, supplemented by official documents and the Taiwan Daily Newspaper. Huang Wang-Cheng, a tutor in Tsai Lien-Fang’s family, wrote down his observations and experiences with the Tsai’s family in his journal, covering all aspects from daily life and interpersonal relationships, which provided a very valuable insight. Moreover, the Tsai Lien-Fang’s family documents contain many pictures, appointment letters and awards of Tsai Lien-Fang, which is also a first-hand data. This paper is going to reconstruct the relationship between Tsai Lien-Fang and his family based on the above-mentioned data.
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