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標題: 城市因朦朧而美麗或因揭紗而驚艷?距離對外國人之城市意象的影響與其間形成機制之干擾
Hazy Loveliness or Discovered Beauty? The Influence of Distance on Foreigners’ City Image and the Moderation of Formation Agents on It
關鍵字: 旅遊地意象;距離;意象形成機制;整體意象;Destination image;distance;image formation agents;overall image
Project: 觀光休閒學報, Volume 19, Issue 3, Page(s) 207-231.
本研究之目的在驗證:外國人形成旅居國城市意象時,距離、形成機制與城市意象間存在的影響與干擾效果。本研究採立意抽樣取得由156 位日本在台留學生組成之研究樣本,並藉由結構化問卷蒐集樣本成員所提供對形成台中整體意象時有關之初級資料。經階層迴歸法分析所得之結果顯示:距離對城市意象具有顯著的負向影響效果;而形成機制中的有機機制則對距離與城市意象間的影響關係具有顯著的負向干擾效果。意即:距離的減少會讓外國人對旅居國城市產生較佳意象;然而,對於形成意象時特別受有機機制影響的人而言,距離的增加會讓他們產生較佳的城市意象。除闡釋研究結果之學術意義與管理意涵外,本研究亦提出可供城市意象經營者與未來研究參考之具體建議。

The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of distance on foreigners’city image and the moderation of image formation agents on the influence of distance.A sample consisted of 156 international students from Japan was obtained through apurposive sampling procedure. Quantitative data regarding sample members’Taichung city image formation were collected through structured questionnaires.Hierarchical regression analysis was performed to analyze the data. The resultsshow that distance has a significant negative influence on city image and the organicagents have a significant negative moderating effect on the influence from distance tocity image. The results imply that distance tends to make foreigners forming anegative city image; however, for those who pay much attention to organic agents, themoderating effect inverts the general negative-influenced relationship to bepositive-influenced. Based on the results, academic implications and managerialapplications were further discussed.
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