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標題: A Robust and Novel Dynamic-ID-based AuthenticationScheme for Care Team Collaboration with Smart Cards
關鍵字: Care team collaboration;Dynamic ID;Authentication;Smart card;Multi-server;Elliptic curvecryptosystem (ECC)
Project: Journal of Medical Systems, Volume 37, Issue 2.
Nowadays, users/patients may gain desired medicalservices on-line because of the rapid development ofcomputer network technologies. Conventional healthcareservices are provided by a single server. However, care teamcollaboration by integrating services is the key to improvefinancial and clinical performance. How a user/patientaccesses desired medical services provided by multiple serversbecomes a challenge to realize care team collaboration.User authentication plays an important role to protect resourcesor services from being accessed by unauthorized users. Inthis paper, we first discuss the perceived security drawbacks ofpervasive smart-card-based remote user authenticationschemes. Then, we propose a novel dynamic-ID-based userauthentication scheme based on elliptic curve cryptosystem(ECC) for multi-server environment with smart cards. Theproposed scheme ensures user anonymity and computationalefficiency and complies with essential requirements of a securesmart-card-based authentication scheme for multi-serverenvironment to enable care team collaboration.
DOI: 10.1007/s10916-012-9909-0
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