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標題: An intelligent context-aware communication system for one singleautonomic region to realize smart living
關鍵字: Smart living;GSM;GPS;ARM (Advanced RISC Machine);Embedded system
Project: Information Fusion.
Wireless communication plays an important role in smart living applications. People can use mobiledevices to access various kinds of services via various wireless technologies such as Zigbee, RFID (RadioFrequency Identity). Conventional smart living applications tend to be designed for convenience whileignoring essential restrictions. Actually, ubiquitous communication is the privilege of authorized usersin some places for specific requirements and reasons. For example, a nursing attendant may be issueda handset to communicate with a patient’s family in the hospital while unauthorized communicationis not allowed to prevent the handset from being misused by the nursing attendant. Principles for essentialrestrictions should be determined and put into practice by an administrator within a predefinedregion, which is defined to be single autonomic region. In this paper, an intelligent context-aware communicationsystem is proposed to provide ubiquitous communication under location and communicationparty restrictions to realize smart living in one single autonomic region. We design the system by integratingheterogeneous communication technologies and one novel security protocol, double-lock protocol.We implement the designed system with an ARM-based processor on the embedded systemexperimental board DMA-2440XP and two pluggable modules, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)and GPS (Global Positioning System). In the designed communication system, only legal userscan use a legitimate communication device to communicate with legal ones within the authorized area
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