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標題: Developing a Smart Shopping AutomationSystem: Ambient Intelligence in Practice
關鍵字: Ambient Intelligence;RFID;Smart Space
Project: Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks, Volume 20, Page(s) 95-105.
Recently, the Ambient Intelligence (AmI) concept is become popular andrealized by wireless communication technology and wireless sensorsdevices. The wireless sensors devices can real-time acquire contextualinformation and send it to the information system by using wireless communicationtechnologies. These wireless communication technologiesare including radio frequency identification (RFID), ZigBee, and Bluetooth.The resulting environment, called SAS, combines a ShoppingAutomation System (SAS) with wireless communication technology andwireless sensors devices to raise customer satisfaction and improve firmcompetitiveness. The performance of the SAS in providing personal ubiquitousservice investigated empirically through deployment in a popular,large-scale sporting goods store. The proposed system is found to significantlyimprove daily business operations.
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