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標題: Smart Healthcare Environment: Design with RFID Technology and Performance Evaluation
關鍵字: Radio -frequency identification (RFID);Smart hospital;Smart healthcare;Smartphone application
Project: Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering, Volume 33, Issue 4, Page(s) 427-432.
This research proposes a radio-frequency identification (RFID)-based smart hospital environment (SHE) with distributed reading capability to enhance the quality of service by improving just-in-time healthcare, patient identification, emergency message delivery, healthcare worker assignment, and rescue response. Most research on emergency healthcare has focused on pre-hospital emergency medical services, with healthcare for general in-patients seldom mentioned. In this study, an RFID-based smart suite is applied to create a healthcare monitoring system for monitoring patients in real-time. An Android-based smartphone is used for sending patient alarm messages to healthcare workers. A pilot study is used to demonstrate and simulate how the proposed system can significantly improve daily emergency healthcare operations and its benefits in the hospital.
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