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標題: User Authentication with Anonymity forRoaming Service with Smart Cards inGlobal Mobility Networks
關鍵字: Roaming service;anonymity;authentication;wireless security
Project: Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks, Volune 20, Page(s) 5-19.
Rapid development of wireless network has raised a number of securityconcerns in mobile communications. User authentication is an importantsecurity mechanism for recognizing legal roaming users. The traditionalmessage authentication schemes are impractical for the mobility networkdue to limited computation, energy resources of mobile clients, and networkdynamics, etc. This article will present a new efficient authenticationscheme for roaming user so that a more secure and safe livingenvironment is possible. In addition, the proposed method could providecomplete functionality because: (1) no password table is required by thehome agent; (2) users can freely choose their own passwords; (3) it providesmutual authentication between the user and the foreign agent; (4)user may update their password after the registration phase; (5) sessionkey agreement is generated by the user and the foreign agent for eachsession; (6) lower communication cost; (7) mobile user anonymity propertyis provided. Finally, the proposed scheme is more suitable for mobileclients and smart-card users. It can be applied into mobile applications inthe future smart living environments.
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