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標題: Synthesis and characterization of the acidic properties and pore textureof Al-SBA-15 supports for the canola oil transesterification
關鍵字: Biodiesel;Transesterification;Canola oil;Solid catalyst;SBA-15
Project: Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 223, Page(s) 785-794.
Ordered mesoporous SBA-15 was used as a support for the transesterification of canola oil to producebiodiesel. The pore size and surface acidity of SBA-15 were modified by synthesis conditions using differentaging temperatures and the addition of heterogeneous Al atoms. The results of the characterizationstudy indicated that a large amount of mesopore and surface acidity can greatly improve the transesterificationreaction at a high aging temperature and with the incorporation of aluminum into the SBA-15framework. This improvement in transesterification activity is due to the formation of more stable„SiAOAAl„bonds on the surface of the framework. The transesterification reaction was also comparedwith synthesis involving traditional supports such as acidic and basic c-Al2O3, hydrotalcite, and SiO2. Theactivities of the catalysts were related to their acidic strength.
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