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標題: Woody waste air gasification in fluidized bed with Ca- and Mgmodified bed materials and additives
關鍵字: Biomass energy;Hydrogen;Gasification;Fluidized bed;Bed additive
Project: Applied Thermal Engineering, Volume 53, Page(s) 42-48.
This study focuses on the promotion of biomass gasification for hydrogen production in a fluidized bedreactor with the bed additives zeolite, CaO, and Ca- and Mg-based silica sands. The results show thatzeolite has higher capacity for enhancing hydrogen promotion abilities than CaO with the amount was200 g in tests. Regarding the Ca- and Mg-based silica sands, Ca/SiO2 decreases the CO2 selectivity andMg/SiO2 enhances the H2 selectivity owing to CO2 adsorption via the formation of CaO and the promotionof the water gas shift reaction, respectively. The optimal concentration of Mg-based bed materials correspondsto a Mg concentration of 0.5 wt.%. The additives play important roles in increasing the reactionrate, enhancing the biomass gasification, and promoting carbon transformation.
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