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標題: Enhanced luminance for inorganic electroluminescent devices with a charged electret
關鍵字: Electroluminescent (EL);Inorganic;Powder;Electret
Project: Journal of Luminescence, Volume 141, Page(s) 106-110.
This work proposes a novel inorganic electroluminescent (IEL) device with an electric field built-in (EFBI)technique to reduce its driving voltage and enhance its luminance. The EFBI technique was performed bycharging an electret comprising a silicon dioxide film at different temperatures (25–150 1C) in powderelectroluminescent (PDEL) devices. The driving voltage of the EFBI-PDEL device decreased by 61.4 V (or20.5%) under the brightness of 269 cd/m2, and its brightness increased by 128 cd/m2 (or 47%) at ac 300 V.The efficiency of the EFBI-PDEL device significantly increased by 0.827 lm/W (or 45.5%) at ac 300 V. Theproposed EFBI-PDEL device has advantages of a low-temperature process and low cost, and potential forlarge-area display applications.
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