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標題: Influence of Li doping on the optical and magnetic properties of ZnO nanorods synthesized by low temperature hydrothermal method
關鍵字: ZnO nanorod;Hydrothermal method;Oxygen vacancy;Photoluminescence;Magnetization;Photodetector
Project: Thin Solid Films, Volume 529, Page(s) 181-184.
Well-defined pure Zn1−xLixO (x=0, 0.05 and 0.1) nanorods were hydrothermally synthesized at the lowtemperature of 90 °C. The X-ray diffraction patterns of all three compositions with a single diffraction peak(0002) showed the same wurtzite hexagonal structure due to the similar radius of Zn and Li. The opticaland magnetic properties were influenced by the oxygen vacancies induced by Li doping in the ZnO nanorods.The Raman shift spectrum indicated a slight increasement of oxygen vacancies which enhanced the greenemission and ferromagnetism by the doping of Li in the ZnO nanorods. Besides, p-type ZnO:Li semiconductornanorods were obtained by Li doping. The characteristics of the UV photodetector with p-ZnO:Li nanorod/n-Si structure were also measured.
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