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dc.creatorChun-Feng Luen_US
dc.creatorChia-Hung Hsuen_US
dc.creatorChia-Feng Juanen_US
dc.description.abstractThis paper proposes an evolutionary fuzzy lead-lagcontrol approach for coordinated control of flexible AC transmissionsystem (FACTS) devices in a multi-machine power system.The FACTS devices used are a thyristor-controlled series capacitor(TCSC) and a static var compensator (SVC), both of whichare equipped with a fuzzy lead-lag controller to improve powersystem dynamic stability. The fuzzy lead-lag controller uses afuzzy controller (FC) to adaptively determine the parametersof two lead-lag controllers at each control step according to thedeviations of generator rotor speeds. This paper proposes an AdvancedContinuous Ant Colony Optimization (ACACO) algorithmto optimize all of the free parameters in the FC, which avoids thetime-consuming task of parameter selection by human experts.The effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed evolutionaryfuzzy lead-lag controller for oscillation damping control is verifiedthrough control of a multi-machine power system and comparisonswith other lead-lag controllers and various population-basedoptimization algorithms.en_US
dc.relationIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER SYSTEMS, Volume 28, Issue 1.en_US
dc.subjectAnt colony optimization, flexible AC transmissionsystem (FACTS)en_US
dc.subjectfuzzy controlen_US
dc.subjectstatic var compensator (SVC)en_US
dc.subjectswarm intelligenceen_US
dc.subjectthyristor controlled series capacitor (TCSC)en_US
dc.titleCoordinated Control of Flexible AC TransmissionSystem Devices Using an EvolutionaryFuzzy Lead-Lag Controller With AdvancedContinuous Ant Colony Optimizationen_US
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