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標題: An Effective Hybrid Depth-Generation Algorithm for2D-to-3D Conversion in 3D Displays
關鍵字: 2D-to-3D conversion;3D-TV;depth map estimation
Project: JOURNAL OF DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY, Volume 9, Issue 3.
In recent years, 3D display technology has been receivingincreasingly more attention. The most intuitive 3D methodis to use two temporally synchronized video streams for the leftand right eyes, respectively. However, traditional 2D video contentsare captured by one camera, and in order to synthesize theleft and right views as the behavior of two cameras, depth mapinformation is required. In this paper, we propose a hybrid algorithmfor 2D-to-3D conversion in 3D displays; it is a good way tosolve the problem of traditional 2D video contents which need togenerate 3D effects in 3D displays.We choose three depth cues fordepth estimation: motion information, linear perspective, and texturecharacteristics.Moreover, we adopt a bilateral filter for depthmap smoothing and noise removal. From the experimental results,execution time can be reduced by 25%–35% and the depth perceptionscore is between 75 and 85. Thus, the human eye cannotsense the noticeable differences from the final 3D rendering. Furthermore,it is very suitable to apply our proposed hybrid algorithmto 2D-to-3D conversion in 3D displays.
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