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標題: GaN light emitting diodes with wing-type imbedded contacts
Project: Optics Express, Volume 21, Issue S1, Page(s) A1-A6.
A wing-type imbedded electrodes was introduced into the lateral light emitting diode configuration (WTIE-LEDs) to reduce the effect of light shading of electrode in conventional sapphire-based LEDs (CSB-LEDs). The WTIE-LEDs with double-side roughened surface structures not only can eliminate the light shading of electrode and bonding wire, but also increase the light extraction and light output power. Contrast to CSB-LEDs, a 79% enhancement of output intensity in the WTIE-LED was obtained at 100 mA injection current. Similarly, the output power of packaged WTIE-LEDs was enhanced 59% higher compared with the packaged CSB-LEDs at the same injection condition. Therefore, using the imbedded contact to reduce light shading would be a promising prospective for LEDs to achieve high output power.
DOI: 10.1364/OE.21.0000A1
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