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標題: 建立流域影像分類之規則集與其應用之可行性評估
Establishment of the Watershed Image Classified Rule-Set and Feasibility Assessment of Its Application
作者: 林承翰
Cheng-Han Lin
Hsin-Kai Chuang
Ming-Lang Lin
關鍵字: 流域衛星影像ll物件式影像分析ll規則集ll地工災害;Watershed satellite imagellobject-based image analysisllrule-setllgeotechnical damage
出版社: 台北市:中華水土保持學會
Project: 中華水土保持學報, Volume 44, Issue 3, Page(s) 215-224.
Extreme weather disasters are widely distributed. Moreover, the mutual relations between such disasters can easily make them even more extensive. Rapidly obtained satellite images of vast areas can be effective in helping to develop disaster prevention strategies. This study established a watershed satellite image classification rule-set by using the object-based image analysis methodology. Several surface features in the watershed image were been classified, including main channels, secondary channels, sandbars, alluvial fans, landslides and place of the geotechnical damage.
This study practically applied this rule-set in different watersheds and different-resolution satellite image. Also assessed the feasibility of the rule-set by comparing with the investigation photos and statistical analysis. The results show that the rule-set logic can be applied flexibly in different watersheds and different images. The classification of the rule-set is reproducible and accurate. As this result, we can apply the rule-set to disaster management and the land use planning in the future work.

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