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標題: Carbon nanotube and graphite oxide surfaces modifiedwith polyethylene oxide for dye-sensitized solar cells
關鍵字: Dye-sensitized solar cell;Nano-carbon material;Polymer gel electrolyte;Photovoltaic performance
Project: J Polym Res, Volume 20, Issue 10.
In this study, the photovoltaic properties of the dyesensitized solar cells (DSSCs) were enhanced by the incorporationof the polyethylene oxide (PEO) intercalated graphiteoxides sheets (GO-P) or PEOsurface grafted carbon nanotubes(CNT-P) into the PEO gel electrolytes. The PEO modifiedcarbon materials were served as the extended electron transfermaterials, and the catalysts for the electrochemical reductionof I3−. The ionic conductivity of PEO gel electrolytewas not significantly influenced by the incorporation ofGO-P or CNT-P. Because of the high catalytic activities, theincorporation of GO-P or CNT-P into the gel electrolyte isfavorable for decreasing the charge transfer and recombinationresistances. Therefore, better PV performance was observedfor the DSSCs based on the GO-P/PEO or CNT-P/PEO electrolytesas compared to the PEO electrolyte based DSSCs. Thephotoelectric conversion efficiencies of DSSCs were respectivelyenhanced by 19 % and 32 % via the incorporations ofGO-P and CNT-P.
DOI: 10.1007/s10965-013-0269-3
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