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標題: Steric Hindrance Control Synthesis of Primary Amine-ContainingBenzoxazines and Properties of the Resulting Poly(benzoxazineimide) Thermosetting Films
Project: Macromolecules, Volume46, Issue22, Page(s) 8853-8863.
Primary amine-containing benzoxazines 3 and 6 were preparedfrom an unsymmetrical diamine 1, in which the amine group ortho to diethylsubstituents, the hindered amine, is not reactive toward aldehyde at roomtemperature. Based on 6, three poly(benzoxazine imide) (PBzI) thermosets wereprepared by low-temperature polymerization, followed by thermal treatment.Experimental data show that incorporating thermosetting benzoxazine into apolyimide increased the Tg, tensile modulus, dimensional stability, flameretardancy, and contact angle without sacrificing too much in thermal stability.
DOI: 10.1021/ma401756d
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