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標題: Retardation of the Cu5Zn8 Phase Fracture and Improvementof Shear Strength of the Sn-9 wt pct Zn/Cu Interfaceby Inserting an Electroless Palladium Layer
Project: Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Volume 44, Issue 1, Page(s) 125-130.
A uniform layer of the Cu5Zn8 phase is formed at the Sn-9 wt pct Zn (Sn-9Zn)/Cu interfaceafter reflow at 503 K (230 C) but fractures very severely during subsequent solid-state aging at443 K (170 C). Such a severe fracture of an interfacial intermetallic compound deteriorates theintegrity of joint interface and leads to excessive atomic interdiffusion as well as intermetalliccompound growth. In the current study, it was observed that by inserting an electroless palladium(Pd) layer at the Sn-9Zn/Cu interface, a Pd2Zn9 phase is formed between Cu5Zn8 andSn-9Zn solders. This Pd2Zn9 phase exhibits higher microstructural stability at the interfaceduring solid-state aging and effectively retards the fracture of the Cu5Zn8 phase. The integrity ofthe Sn-9Zn/Cu interface is improved remarkably.Mechanical tests reveal that the shear strengthof the Sn-9Zn/Cu joint is enhanced by inserting an electroless Pd layer at the interface.
DOI: 10.1007/s11661-012-1377-0
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