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標題: Preparation of platinum/carbon nanotube in aqueous solution by femtosecondlaser for non-enzymatic glucose determination
關鍵字: Multiwalled carbon nanotubes;Platinum nanoparticles;Femtosecond laser;Glucose
Project: Sensors and Actuators B, Volume 183, Page(s) 34-39.
Multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) supported platinum (Pt) nanoparticles were fabricated inaqueous solution without reducing agents by femtosecond laser. The surface morphological, compositional,and structural characterizations of the prepared Pt/MWCNT were examined using scanningelectron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and X-raydiffraction. The results showed that the Pt nanoparticles with about 5–10 nm in diameter were well dispersedon the surface of MWCNTs. Cyclic voltammetry was employed to investigate the electrocatalyticactivity toward the electrooxidation of glucose in alkaline solution at the Pt/MWCNT. The Pt/MWCNTmodified glassy carbon electrode displayed high electrocatalytic ability for the direct electrochemicaloxidation of glucose in alkaline solution. At an applied potential of −0.25 V vs. Ag/AgCl 3 M KCl, thePt/MWCNT modified electrode exhibited a sensitivity of 0.106 A M−1 cm−2 with a linear range up to2.4 mM. This proposed glucose sensor also showed good abilities of anti-interference to acetaminophen,uric acid, fructose, and ascorbic acid.
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