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標題: Organic nano-particle capping with polymeric surfactant dispersed bysupercritical carbon dioxide in the binary solvent
關鍵字: Dispersion;Materials;Surfactant;Nanostructure;Stability;Supercritical fluid
Project: Chemical Engineering and Processing, Volume 66, Page(s) 44-50.
In this paper the mixture of cyclohexanone and propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate as the binarysolvent assists supercritical dioxide to disperse and stabilize organic nano-particles in the presence ofpolyester/polyamine copolymer as a capping agent. High-resolution tunnel electron microscopy (HRTEM)and dynamic light scattering particle analyzer (DLS) were used to measure the particle sizes and stabilizationof the dispersed organic pigments capped with polymeric surfactant in the mixed solvent aftersupercritical fluid processing. As shown in the results, the average sizes of 59 and 64 nm were obtainedfor diketopyrrolopyrrole (red 254) and copper phthalocyanine (green 36), respectively, which are stabilizedin the binary solvent due to the dispersed organic nano-particles suspected by polymeric surfactant.UV–visible spectroscopy (UV–vis) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) were also used to verify this work.
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