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標題: Water effect on the surface morphology of TiO2 thin film modified bypolyethylene glycol
關鍵字: TiO2 thin film;Sol–gel;PEG-6000;Photocatalytic activity
Project: Applied Surface Science, Volume 264, Page(s) 470-475.
Water effect on the surface morphology of TiO2 thin film was investigated by using PEG-6000 as a templateto form the porous structure. The porous TiO2 thin films were characterized by thermo-gravimetricanalysis (TGA), X-ray diffraction (XRD), n&k Analyzer, UV–vis spectrophotometer, field-emission scanningelectron microscopy (FE-SEM), and atomic forced microscopy (AFM) as a function of water contentin the preparation of TiO2 thin film. The various water contents result in the TiO2 thin films possessingdifferent surface structures, grain sizes, and thicknesses. The grain sizes were varied with changing thewater content, and the thickness increased with increasing water content due to the enhancement of thecross-linking speed. In addition, the cratered surface structure transformed into cracked surface structureupon the water content beyond stoichiometric quantity because the excess water causes the aggregationof polyethylene glycol (PEG-6000). The photocatalysis has been performed by the degradation of methylblue with corresponding structural characteristics of the TiO2 thin film. The best photocatalytic activityhas been obtained when the ratio of water to titanium precursor is equal to 2 referred as TiO2-W2.
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