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標題: Through-Hole Filling in a Cu Plating Bath with FunctionalInsoluble Anodes and Acetic Acid as a Supporting Electrolyte
Project: Journal of The Electrochemical Society, Volume 160, Issue 12, Page(s) 3149-3153.
Through-hole (TH) filling of a printed circuit board (PCB) was conducted with a copper electroplating solution. Tetranitrobluetetrazolium chloride (TNBT) was used as an inhibitor and acetic acid electrolyte instead of a traditional H2SO4 electrolyte wasused for the copper electroplating. Moreover, functional insoluble anodes (DT) that were activated with iridium-based mixed metaloxides on Ti meshes were used instead of conventional soluble anodes (i.e., P-doped Cu). The TH filling performance of the copperelectroplating solution was significantly enhanced when acetic acid electrolyte and DT anodes were used simultaneously in thecopper electroplating bath.
DOI: 10.1149/2.025312jes
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