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標題: Orderly arranged NLO materials on exfoliated layeredtemplates based on dendrons with alternating moietiesat the periphery†
Project: Polym. Chem., Volume 4, Issue 9, Page(s) 2747-2759.
Nonlinear optical dendrons with alternating terminal groups of the stearyl group (C18) and chromophorewere prepared through a convergent approach. These chromophore-containing dendrons were used asthe intercalating agents for montmorillonite via an ion-exchange process. An orderly exfoliatedmorphology is obtained by mixing the dendritic structure intercalated layered silicates with a polyimide.As a result, optical nonlinearity, i.e. the Pockels effect was observed for these nanocomposites withoutresorting to the poling process. EO coefficients of 9–22 pm V 1 were achieved despite that relativelylow NLO densities were present in the nanocomposites, particularly for the samples comprising thedendrons with alternating moieties. In addition, the hedging effects of the stearyl group on the selfalignmentbehavior, electro-optical (EO) coefficient and temporal stability of the dendron-intercalatedmontmorillonite/polyimide nanocomposites were also investigated.
DOI: 10.1039/C2PY20477K
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