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標題: Silver Metallization of Polyimide Surfaces Using EnvironmentallyFriendly Reducing Agents
Project: ECS Electrochemistry Letters, Volume 2, Issue 11, Page(s) 45-48.
Two environmentally friendly reducing agents, ascorbic acid and glucose, were employed to fabricate Ag-thin-film-coated polyimide(PI) films. Ascorbic acid is an acidic reducing agent, whereas glucose is an alkaline reducing agent. Both of these reducing agentsare capable of reducing Ag+ ions doped in poly(amic acid) (PAA) formed by hydrolysis of a PI surface. Only glucose can producea continuous and dense Ag thin film on a PAA surface. Granular and discontinuous Ag thin films were obtained when ascorbic acidwas employed as a reducing agent. This difference in reactivity is attributed to the pH values of these reducing solutions.
DOI: 10.1149/2.001311eel
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