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標題: Story Damage Identification of IrregularBuildings Based on Earthquake Records
Project: Earthquake Spectra, Volume 29, Issue 3, Page(s) 963-985.
In this paper, a story damage index was developed to evaluate the damagecondition of a torsionally coupled building based on its dominant modal frequenciesand mode shapes. This index has an analytical formula with a calculatedvalue ranging from 0 (undamaged) to 1.0 (collapsed) to indicate the reductionof story lateral stiffness. The involved computation is simple once the modalparameters of any three modes are obtained through system identification techniquesfrom few floor acceleration measurements. The damage region within astory can also be identified through tracking the change of eccentricity of centerof rigidity. This index was verified by numerical simulations and a data analysisof the ASCE benchmark model. In addition, it was also applied to the damageassessment of a four-story reinforced concrete building in Taiwan, which experiencedsevere damage during the 2006 Taitung Beinan earthquake (M = 6.2). Theresults agree fairly well with the visual inspection and show the applicability ofthe proposed damage assessment technique.
DOI: 10.1193/1.4000168
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