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標題: A 2-d ionospheric model for low latitude area – Hong Kong
關鍵字: GPS;Ionosphere;2-dimensional model
Project: Advances in Space Research, Volume 51, Page(s) 1701-1708.
The ionosphere is an important part of the atmosphere and it is the largest error source of GNSS positioning for single-frequencyusers. So establishing a precise ionosphere model is one of the critical steps for satellite navigation and also for ionospheric research.Our targeted area of our research is a low latitude area – Hong Kong. Though some ionospheric models have been established in thepast research, they are not fit for the Hong Kong area for various reasons.In this research, we are trying to establish a 2-dimensional model fit for the Hong Kong area based on the local GPS network and themodel should be able to be used to predict VTEC for GPS navigation.
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