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標題: A coordinate vector correction method toimprove the traditional affine transformationgraphic digitised cadastral map
關鍵字: Coordinate transformation;Land revision;Graphic area;Coordinate vector correction method
Project: Survey Review, Volume 45, Issue 332.
Parameter coordinate transformation regards the whole transformation region under the samecondition for coordinate adjustment. However, the practical errors and ideal corrected values arenot ‘individually’ discussed. The proposed coordinate vector correction method uses ‘area’ and‘point’ to further correct individual coordinates in order to amend the blind spots resulting fromoverall coordinate transformation. The experimental areas in this study were five graphic areasectors in Taichung City. The graphic digitised TWD67 coordinate system was converted usingaffine transformation into the TWD97 coordinate system. The coordinate vector correction methodwas used to correct various boundary point coordinates. The results were compared with affinetransformation results and analysed. According to the data obtained from the experimental areas,when the traditional affine transformation was used, the root-mean-square error value of theconverted and registered areas could be reduced by 6–69% by using the proposed coordinatevector correction method. The quantity of land parcels exceeding the margin of error (the marginof error adopted in this paper is 0?2!Az0?0003A, where A is the total area of the land parcel in m2units) decreased by 26–35%. As for the boundary point displacement, the average boundarypoint offset of the areas was 0?3–4?2 cm. The positions of boundary points could be corrected bysmall amounts using the proposed coordinate vector correction method, so that thediscrepancies between the area formed by boundary points and the registered area could beeffectively solved.
DOI: 10.1179/1752270612Y.0000000032
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