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標題: Image-based 3D scene reconstruction and exploration in augmented reality
關鍵字: Augmented reality;3D reconstruction;Feature extraction;Corresponding feature;Structure from motion
Project: Automation in Construction, Volume 33, Page (s) 48-60.
Augmented Reality (AR) is an integrated technique of image processing and display system of complex information,which involves real-time computing, motion tracking, pattern recognition, image projection, databaselinking, feature extraction, and coordinate transformation. In this study, such techniques throughStructure From Motion (SFM), Clustering Views for Multi-View Stereo (CMVS), Patch-based Multi-View Stereo(PMVS), and Poisson surface reconstruction were smoothly integrated into a 3D reconstruction systemwith comparative efficiency in computation. The system can be applied to regular images taken by amateurcameras, smart phones, tablet PCs, and other mobile devices, without need of a priori internal and externalcamera parameters. To verify the ability of the established reconstruction system, indoor and outdoor objectsat various scales, such as a helmet (a small object), a corridor (an indoor medium object), an arbor (outdoormedium object), and a building (outdoor large object) were tested. Through tracking and registration, thereconstructed 3D models were loaded in an AR environment to facilitate displaying, interacting, and renderingthat provides AR applications in construction design and management for better and qualitative communicationin economical and handy ways.
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