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標題: A field investigation of the sediment transport characteristics of a high sediment load intermittent river in Taiwan
關鍵字: field experiment;river incision;bed material load;wash load;high sediment load;typhoon
Project: HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES, Volume 27, Page(s) 4043–4056.
Most rivers in Taiwan are intermittent rivers with relatively steep slopes and carry rapid sediment-laden flows during typhoon ormonsoon seasons. A series of field experiments was conducted to collect suspended load data at the Tzu-Chiang Bridgehydrological station of the lower Cho-Shui River, which is a major river with the highest sediment yield in Taiwan. The riverreach was aggrading with a high aspect ratio during the 1980s. Because of sand mining and extreme floods, it was incisedand has had a relatively narrow main channel in recent years. The experimental results indicated that typical sedimenttransport equations can correctly predict the bed material load for low or medium sediment transport rates (e.g. less than about1000 tons/day-m). However, these equations far underestimate the bed material load for high sediment transport rates. The effectsof cross-sectional geometry change (i.e. river incision) and earthquakes on the sediment load were investigated in this study. Anempirical sediment transport equation with consideration of the aspect ratio was also derived using the field data collected beforeand after river incision. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
DOI: 10.1002/hyp.9517
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