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標題: Measurements and prediction of typhoon-inducedshort-term general scours in intermittent rivers
關鍵字: Short-term general scour;Scoured flow depth;Scour and fill;Gravel bed;Sand bed;Intermittent river;Embankment failure;Bridge failure;Typhoon-induced flood
Project: Nat Hazards, Volume 66, Page(s) 671-687.
Most rivers in Taiwan are intermittent rivers. A short-term general scourusually occurs in the river during the rising limb of a flood due to the transitory sedimentimbalance and the steep slope gradient. In this study, a severe maximum general scourdepth of 4.5 m was measured near the Highway Bridge hydrological station in a gravel-bedreach of the lower Dajia River, which was caused by a flood induced by Typhoon Sinlakuin 2008. This type of short-term general scour is usually very significant and cannot beneglected as it has caused many casualties in Taiwan such as bridge and embankmentfailures, for example, the Houfeng Bridge failure in the lower Dajia River (Hong et al. in JHydraul Eng ASCE 138(2):186–199, 2012) and the Shuangyuan Bridge failure in the lowerGaoping River. Based on the collected field data, a general scour formula was developedand gave reasonable predictions. In conjunction with the real-time ultrasonic water levelmeasurements, the formula can be used as a potential tool for the emergency evacuation orbridge closure purposes.
DOI: 10.1007/s11069-012-0509-6
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