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標題: A Glucose Biosensor Based on a 3D Nanostructured Gold Electrode
Project: Journal of The Electrochemical Society, Volume 160, Issue 1, Page(s) B1-B5.
In this study, we investigated a simple glucose biosensor based on a 3D nanostructured gold electrode. The nanostructured goldelectrode was fabricated by electrochemical deposition using bulk gold dissolved in aqua regia as the nanogold precursor. Potassiumferricyanide and glucose oxidase were then sequentially coated onto the prepared nanostructure for glucose detection. For thenanostructured electrode, the polarization overpotential for glucose detection was 0.17 V, which is much smaller than that for a planeelectrode. An applied potential of 0.7 V was sufficient to generate peak cathodic currents. The peak cathodic and anodic currents forthe nanostructured electrode are three orders of magnitude larger than those for a plane gold electrode. The nanostructured electrodeshows a fast response time of 1 s.
DOI: 10.1149/2.035301jes
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