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標題: Fabricated InGaN Membranes through a Wet Lateral Etching Process
Project: Applied Physics Express, Volume 6, Issue 8.
Epitaxial layers of InGaN light-emitting diodes (LED) were separated from undoped GaN/sapphire structures through a wet lift-off process. A 0.1-µm-thick Si-heavy-doped GaN:Si (n+-GaN) layer was inserted in the InGaN LED structure that acted as a sacrificial layer for a lateral wet etching process. The lateral etching rate of the n+-GaN sacrificial layer was 315 µm/h. The Fabry–Pérot interferences of the lift-off InGaN LED membranes were observed in the angle-resolved photoluminescence spectra that indicated that the lift-off InGaN membranes had a flat etched surface. High light extraction efficiency, narrow divergent angle, and flat wet-etched GaN surface were observed on the lift-off InGaN membrane.
DOI: 10.7567/APEX.6.086501
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