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標題: 慢.漫.蔓-劉克襄漫遊系列作品研究
The study of Liu Ke Xiang roaming series
作者: 黃瑋瑲
Huang, Wei-Qiang
關鍵字: Liu Ke xiang;劉克襄;roaming;lives slowly;he;the spatial route;the time rhythm;漫遊;慢活;他者;空間路線;時間節奏
出版社: 台灣文學研究所

This research take Taiwan native place writer Liu Ke xiang as the discussion object, after locking its 2000, composed the roaming books were the ranges of study, used the text analytic method, take the text in “with him”, “the time rhythm”, “the spatial route” did as three big research faces, after analysis induction, grasped the author to roam the written idea and the vein is as follows: First, has combed the text time rhythm and the spatial route discovered that in the author writing, “the human” is one of roaming elements, but in non-roaming “the only main body”, transmits the humanity also to belong to the nature, the nature namely the idea which belongs to for the humanity; Next, by roaming, the humanity unceasingly and his dialog, a piece of command humanity is naturally getting more and more full, moreover lets the humanity because of with naturally he dialog, retrieves completely, also locates the humanity self-and naturally he relations.
Furthermore, present paper by “slow. Inundation. The vine” the tertiary concept, elaborates Liu Kexiang in the text multi-direction “roaming” the image to assume obviously; what “slow” refers to fords is roaming timeliness, shows calm which one kind does not rush to time; “inundates” refers to fords the non-sense of purpose traveling, in comfortablely along with being popular, expansion tourist map; As for “vine”, then refers to fords the traveling angle of view “thoroughly”, “to expand extends”, like the vine exquisite observation small life, the small detail, the thing which neglects long-term ── by these three concepts, the author are proposed specifically attentively with the traditional traveling: Rushes to time, catches up with the way big jing courtyard traveling concept which the traveling schedule, gives a cursory look.
The author regarding the Taiwan roaming literature biggest contribution, lies in the significance which will roam, relaxes the description by individual sense organ''s body and mind, strengthened in the general travel literature the mind return written part, also unceasing ruminates embarks with the difference which returns; And because of roaming expands, but for the humanity self-and he harmonious corresponding relationships'' search, the roaming goal is also naturally affable from individual body and mind, and one kind the life manner which is fastidious about the leisure and savors, the deepening, but for with naturally he dialog as well as harmonious relational ultimate tracking down.
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