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標題: A molecular diagnosis method using real-time PCRfor quantification and detection of Fusarium oxysporumf. sp. cubense race 4
關鍵字: Fusarium oxysporum f;sp;cubense;Fusarium wilt;Molecular detection;Reliablediagnosis;Real-time PCR;SCAR
Project: European Journal of Plant Pathology, Volume 135, Issue 2, Page(s) 395-405.
The Fusarium genus causes devastatingplant diseases worldwide, in which Fusarium oxysporumis the most serious crop pathogen. Disease monitoringis the basis of integrated pest management ofany disease. The lack of rapid, accurate, and reliabledevice to detect and identify plant pathogens is one ofthe main limitations in integrated disease management.This study describes an efficient and quantifiable diagnosismethod for the specific detection of F. oxysporumf. sp. cubense (Foc) race 4 in field-infected banana.With the optimized PCR parameters using the SCAR(sequence characterized amplified region) primersFocSc-1/FocSc-2 and a real-time PCR strategy, thedeveloped method showed high reproducibility andwas very sensitive to detect extremely low quantitiesof Foc genomic DNA (gDNA).We also found that FocgDNA in severely symptomatic banana pseudostemsand leaves were 6946-fold and 26.69-fold more than inthose of mild-symptomatic banana, respectively.
DOI: 10.1007/s10658-012-0096-0
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