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標題: 應用於嵌入式系統晶片支援多層級通訊協定之矽智產介面自動合成產生器
Automatic IP Interface Synthesis Supporting Multi-Layer Communication Protocols in SoC Designs
作者: 羅華信
Luo, Hua-Hsin
關鍵字: intellectual property;矽智產;interface synthesis;multi-layer communication;signal mapping;timing adjustment;介面合成;多層級溝通;信號對應;時序調整
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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在系統單晶片(System on a Chip,以下簡稱SoC)設計如今都以矽智產(Silicon Intellectual Property,簡稱IP)為基礎的方式做設計來縮短系統開發時程,而系統在整合上所遭遇到挑戰便是各種異質介面之間的IP整合,IP間通常擁有各種不同溝通介面以處理系統協定間互相連結轉換,諸如額外的轉接器或是IP包裹器的設計,而良好的介面設計是系統整合成功的關鍵,然而介面的設計通常需針對其專屬需求設計且是冗雜且易錯的工作。

System-on-Chip (SoC) design methodologies rely heavily on reuse of intellectual property (IP) blocks. IP integration is one of the most challenging works in SoC designs. Because IP blocks often have different communication interface to cope with the protocol of the interconnect structure, extra adaptor circuit or bus wrapper must be provided to IPs. This is also known as the interface synthesis problem. In the past, IP interface designs were mostly tackled in an ad-hoc manner, which was tedious and error prone.
In this thesis, we present an automatic interface synthesis system to expedite the IP integration process in SoC designs. The concept of multi-layer communication protocols is incorporated into the synthesis process so that interface design targeting different levels of functionality and circuit complexity can be generated automatically. The multi-layered interface architecture template designs are developed in the first place. We then outline the methodology of interface synthesis, which includes protocol specifications, signal mapping & timing adjustment, and architecture mapping. Interface designs for several benchmark systems are developed using different synthesis options. Besides the advantage of greatly shortened design cycle, experimental results do show the competitiveness of the automatically generated designs against the manual designs.
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