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標題: 以快速霍夫轉換實現直線偵測
Line Detection Using Fast Hough Transform
作者: 曾榮諄
Tseng, Jung-Chun
關鍵字: line detection;直線偵測;Hough transform;霍夫轉換
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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In this thesis, we implement a line detection system based on fast Hough transform and use it to detect line objects in an image sequence. After edge detection, each collinear set of pixels is clustered together in the edge image. Next, we find a best fitting line for each cluster and estimate the uncertainties from pixels of each pixel set and corresponding to the best line. An elliptical Gaussian kernel of the fitting line is then calculated according to these uncertainties to represent the importance of it. The voting process will be performed on major lines only.

With transformations between 3D spaces and the imaging principal, we can estimate position of each line target in the image, and then perform fast Hough transformation on the region around the position and search the line. This can significantly reduce the computing consumption. According to experimental results, the line detection system is accurate and efficient in performance. Finally, the system extracts features of the image and compares with database to obtain the spatial information which is used to present the line target in the image.
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