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標題: A nonrational B-spline profiled horn with high displacement amplification for ultrasonic welding
作者: Nguyen, Huu-Tu
Nguyen, Hai-Dang
Uan, Jun-Yen
Wang, Dung-An
關鍵字: B-spline horn;Displacement amplification;Ultrasonic welding
Project: Ultrasonics, Volume 54, Issue 8, Page(s) 2063-2071.
A new horn with high displacement amplification for ultrasonic welding is developed. The profile of the horn is a nonrational B-spline curve with an open uniform knot vector. The ultrasonic actuation of the horn exploits the first longitudinal displacement mode of the horn. The horn is designed by an optimization scheme and finite element analyses. Performances of the proposed horn have been evaluated by experiments. The displacement amplification of the proposed horn is 41.4% and 8.6% higher than that of the traditional catenoidal horn and a Bézier-profile horn, respectively, with the same length and end surface diameters. The developed horn has a lower displacement amplification than the nonuniform rational B-spline profiled horn but a much smoother stress distribution. The developed horn, the catenoidal horn, and the Bézier horn are fabricated and used for ultrasonic welding of lap-shear specimens. The bonding strength of the joints welded by the open uniform nonrational B-spline (OUNBS) horn is the highest among the three horns for the various welding parameters considered. The locations of the failure mode and the distribution of the voids of the specimens are investigated to explain the reason of the high bonding strength achieved by the OUNBS horn.
ISSN: 0041624X
DOI: 10.1016/j.ultras.2014.07.003
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