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標題: 低電壓氧化物半導體a-IGZO與高分子介電層薄膜電晶體
Low-Voltage a-IGZO TFT with Polymer Dielectric Layer
作者: 邱久容
Chiu, Chiu-Jung
關鍵字: amorphous oxide semiconductor;非晶氧化物半導體;TFT;薄膜電晶體
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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在這篇論文中,我們介紹操作在低電壓下氧化物半導體a-IGZO與共聚物介電層薄膜電晶體。本實驗以bottom gate的結構,在玻璃基板上製作,以旋轉塗佈技術製作高分子閘極氧化層,並以濺鍍方式在室溫下沉積a-IGZO半導體層。PVP薄膜和PVP加上a-IGZO薄膜的光穿透率皆達到80%,適合應用在軟性電子。未退火之前得到電子遷移率為3.4cm2/V-S,臨界電壓-0.8V,電流開關比10,次臨界擺幅3.29V/dec,利用後製程中的熱退火方式,得到電子遷移率為18cm2/V-S,臨界電壓2V,電流開關比103,次臨界擺幅3V/dec,使用高分子材料的絕緣層,讓我們的臨界電壓只有2V,電流到達飽和的臨界電壓也只需10V,所以利用高分子材料的絕緣層確實可以使操作電壓和臨界電壓降低,使用熱退火可以使元件性能提升。

In this study, we report a low voltage drived amorphous indium gallium zinc oxide (a-IGZO) thin film transistor with polymer dielectric. The device was fabricated on glass substrate with a bottom gate structure. The poly(4-vinyl phenol) (PVP) thin film was used as the polymer gate dielectric by spin coating. For active layer, a-IGZO was then deposited by rf-magnetron sputtering at room temperature.
The optical transmissions of single PVP film and PVP/IGZO stack layers are both as high as 80%. Therefore, PVP and a-IGZO are suitable for insulator and active layer of transparent flexible devices. Before thermal annealing, the TFT exhibit a mobility of 3.4cm2/Vs, a threshold voltage of -0.8V, on-off ratio of 10, a subthreshold swing of 3.29V/decade. After thermal annealing, the mobility and subthreshold swing of the devices are significantly improved. The TFT exhibited with a mobility of 18 cm2/Vs, threshold voltage of 2V, on-off ratio of 103 and subthreshold swing of 3V/decade. The operating voltage was as low as 10V. The polymer gate dielectric of PVP ensure a low operating voltage and threshold voltage for the a-IGZO TFT.
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