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標題: Ambipolar MoTe2Transistors and Their Applications in Logic Circuits
作者: Lin, Yen-Fu
Xu, Yong
Wang, Sheng-Tsung
Li, Song-Lin
Yamamoto, Mahito
Aparecido-Ferreira, Alex
Li, Wenwu
Sun, Huabin
Nakaharai, Shu
Jian, Wen-Bin
Ueno, Keiji
Tsukagoshi, Kazuhito
關鍵字: Schottky barriers;ambipolar transistors;electronics;transistors
Project: Advanced Materials, Volume 26, Issue 20, Page(s) 3263-3269.
We report ambipolar charge transport in α-molybdenum ditelluride (MoTe2 ) flakes, whereby the temperature dependence of the electrical characteristics was systematically analyzed. The ambipolarity of the charge transport originated from the formation of Schottky barriers at the metal/MoTe2 contacts. The Schottky barrier heights as well as the current on/off ratio could be modified by modulating the electrostatic fields of the back-gate voltage (Vbg) and drain-source voltage (Vds). Using these ambipolar MoTe2 transistors we fabricated complementary inverters and amplifiers, demonstrating their feasibility for future digital and analog circuit applications.
ISSN: 09359648
DOI: 10.1002/adma.201305845
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