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標題: SandgateIII平台上之數位家庭行動多媒體系統
A Mobile Multimedia System for Digital Home on the SandgateIII Platform
作者: 謝孟麟
Hsieh, Meng-Lin
關鍵字: Digital Home;行動多媒體系統;Windows CE;Mobile Multimedia System;數位家庭;Windows CE
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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寬頻網路的普及使得數位家庭(Digital Home)的概念逐步實現在日常生活中,許多大廠積極投入此市場,像是微軟推出的多媒體中心作業系統(Media Center Edition)、Hinet數位家庭(HiNet Digital Home),都是希望人們可以讓生活更便利,有更好的娛樂享受。

本論文在Sandgate III平台上建立一數位家庭行動多媒體整合系統,使用Windosw CE多媒體的能力、達到數位電視觀賞、網路廣播電台收聽、遠端監控、遠端桌面控制、以及不需要拘泥於距離的FTP服務,讓使用者在家中任一角落都能享受行動多媒體的服務。

The concept of Digital Home has been realized progressively in daily life because of the popularity of broadband network. There are many IT industries have actively involved in this market, e.g., Microsoft Media Center Edition, and Hinet Digital Home. These are the hopes that people can easily enjoy the digital life and information services.

In this research, we build up an digital home mobile multimedia system on Sandgate III. It use the ability of Windows CE dealing with multimedia to achieve watching digital TV, listening the internet radio station, and remote control, remote desktop, and the FTP server which without sticking to the distance. It make users can enjoy the service of mobile multimedia in any corner of his own house.
其他識別: U0005-2707200914140400
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