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標題: Integrated Reading-Writing Instruction in EFL Elementary School English Class with Predictable Books: Effects on English Writing
作者: 吳采峰
Tsai-Feng Wu
Hsiu-Sui Chang
關鍵字: Predictable Books;English Writing;Integrated Reading-Writing Instruction;可預測書;英語寫作;讀寫整合教學
Project: Intergrams, Volume 15, Issue 1, Page(s) 31-62.
This study aimed to understand and compare the effects of integrated reading-writing instruction with English predictable books and traditional vocabulary and sentence patterns instruction on the elementary school fifth graders' English writing ability. Sixty-eight 5th graders participated in the study for 14 weeks, two 20-minute sections per week; 34 people were assigned to the experimental group and 34 the control group, with the homogeneity in their CYLET between two groups. The experimental group received integrated reading-writing instruction with predictable books, while the control group received traditional vocabulary and sentence patterns instruction. Pre- and post-tests on writing were conducted before and after the experimental teaching. CHILDES was used to analyze English vocabulary and syntax as shown in the participants' writing performances. Paired-Sample t-Test and One-Way ANCOVA were used for statistical analysis. The results showed that integrated reading-writing instruction with English predictable books effectively enhanced the participants' writing. The experimental group improved significantly in the posttest as compared to the control group, especially on their English vocabulary use in writing. Traditional vocabulary and sentence patterns instruction failed to improve the control group's English vocabulary and syntax as shown in the writing performances. The researchers thus made recommendations for teaching and future research.

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