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標題: Speech Disorders of Voice Quality, Maximum Sound Prolongation, and S/Z Ratio in Patients with Parkinson's Disease
作者: 方岑
Tsen Fang
Wen-Juh Hwang
Li-Mei Chen
關鍵字: Parkinson's disease;voice quality;maximum sound prolongation;S/Z ratio;巴金森氏病;音質;最長發音時長;S/Z比值
Project: Intergrams, Volume 15, Issue 1, Page(s) 63-84.
With populations aging all over the world, Parkinson��s disease (PD) is expected to increase in the future. The goal of this present study is to assess speech deficits found in PD patients with dysarthria by focusing on three measures: (1) voice quality, (2) maximum sound prolongation (MSP), and (3) S/Z ratio. Sixteen male patients diagnosed with PD with Hoehn & Yahr Stage of 2 to 4, and sixteen controls participated in this study. The results showed that PD patients performed statistically poorer on maximum sound prolongation than controls. They were relatively unable to sustain certain sounds. However, no significant difference was found in voice quality and S/Z ratio between patients and controls. These findings will help us have a clearer understanding of the communication problems of PD patients.

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